Phnom Bokor National Park

Background Information on Bokkor Mountain
Bokor  Mountain is about 12 Kilometers west of Kampot province town, a quaint, lay back and welcoming coastal province.  Bokor Mountain at 1080 m above sea level welcomes you with its cool weather.  The mountain boosts a commanding view over the Gulf f Thailand.
Because of the beautiful scenery, lavish flora and fauna, rich wild life and its cool climate all year round, Bokor Mountain has been the popular altitude resort of the French social elites in the 1920's and King Monivong loved the scenery so much that he built a summer retreat that was perched right at the edge of the mountain.

French Palace Casino & Resort
The building was preserved and restored to its original state to enable guests to experience the palace’s past glory and grandeur.  It is an important cultural site as it shows how the colonial settlers spent their leisure time.
Wat Sampov Pram
Wat Sampov PramThe name Wat Sampov Pram or 5 boats Wat came about because the five oddly-sculpted rocks nearby resembled boats.  It was named after The Legend of the Pagoda of Vive Sailing Boat.
The legend is about a prince who travelled to this land to build his kingdom and fell in-love with a beautiful Nagini (Naga Princess) and docked his Five sailing boat laden with treasures which was given by the King Naga to the couple as a sign of his approval to their union.
Built in 1924, it offers a tremendous view of the coastline below, including Phu Quoc Island.
Old Catholic ChurchOld Catholic Church
The old Catholic church at Bokor Hill Station looks like the priest has locked it up only yesterday.  Inside, bits of grass still cling to the corners of the windows and the altar remains intact.
Popokvil WaterfallPopokvil Waterfall
Popokvil means “swirling clouds”, which is totally appropriate as most of the time, the mist does hang just above the waterfall.
Spent a wonderful morning with this beautiful 2 tiered waterfall
The upper tier is most ideal to swim, laze and just enjoy the cool & clear mountain stream.
Scenic Trails
There are choices of a few scenic routes that you can take ranging from an hour to several hours to enjoy the mountain scenery.
Taking these routes, you will be floored by the picturesque Bokor Mountain, its serenity and stunning beauty.
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